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I recently went in search of some barns, hawks and anything else interesting I could photograph, and I found myself lost in downtown Pilot Point, Texas.  What a fun adventure.  It took me about an hour or more to get there, mostly because I kept passing barns that I just had to stop and take pictures of.  And it seemed like there was a Hawk on every single telephone pole for miles and miles.

It was tough getting pictures of these guys. Each time I pulled off the highway to snap a picture, most of them would look at me and fly away down to the next pole. It was quite a chase…

What a wonderful little town.  I had so much fun photographing the buildings on the square, the barns that were scattered along the way, and the many Hawks that were perched up on the lines waiting to find a snack.

I’ve decided that getting lost in a small town with your camera is not so bad after all.  In fact, I found it to be very relaxing and a fun adventure.  So much so, that I plan to get lost in some more little towns that are close by!  No telling what I might find.  I’ll keep you posted!  Until next time…


Building in downtown Pilot Point where they filmed a scene from the movie Bonnie & Clyde.

If you’d like to read more about this little town, click on over to my blog post on Ballcapmom and read Lost in the Small Town of Pilot Point, Texas.  It’s all about my adventure in this fun place!

By the way…all of these photos were taken with my Canon 5D Mark IV using my 35mm fixed lens and my 70-200 zoom lens!

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