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June 24, 2017 in Dallas at UT Southwestern Medical Center at the Rookery

After having been stuck in the house for 7 days with a sick kiddo, my husband sent me on an adventure down to Dallas to visit the Rookery.  I packed up the Sony A7-RII that I had rented from ATS Rentals, with the Sony 70-200mm zoom lens attached, and headed down to the Rookery.  But I’m sure you’re not surprised when I tell you that I also packed my Canon 5D Mark IV with my 100-400mm zoom lens.  I just hate leaving home without it.  I took a few pics with the Sony, but did not feel like I was getting good pictures with it.  At least not as good as those I get with my Canon set up!

Here are some sweet little baby Egrets relaxing in their nest!

So…I headed back the car for Midnight, my baby!  I’m so glad I did.  There were so many cute, little baby birds in their nests.  I needed that extra zoom to capture them, and I’m so familiar with Midnight, it’s easier to be sure I get a good shot!  And I was right…I got so many wonderful photos with Midnight!  I got some good ones with the Sony, as well, but I’m not used to a mirrorless camera…yet.

I love seeing the parents watching over their little babies! So sweet!

I was overwhelmed by the number of birds flying in and out of the trees.  And…after circling the nesting area, I headed up to the top level of the parking garage.  There is a great view from up there – you can see them all flying around with some beautiful buildings in the background.  It’s amazing.  You can read more about it in my blog post titled The Rookery in Dallas – A Slice of Paradise in the Midst of Chaos.

If you are into birding, this is definitely a place you should visit!  Have fun, and let me know what you think!  Until next time…

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