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June 21, 2017 in Allen, Texas

I was fortunate enough to get to borrow (rent) a Sony A7 RII camera for a week to play with.  I’m totally intrigued by mirrorless cameras.  I’m determined to find one that I like.  I got it in this morning, and have not been able to take it out for real tests yet (outside), so I decided to use my kids as my models.  I had them sit in the front door (with the door open) so I could get some natural light, and I have to say – – I am quite pleased with the results.

Now that I’ve seen the pictures, I wish I had put them in cute, matching outfits.  I think some of these photos could be framed!  And…when you put two kids and a crazy dog together for a photo shoot, you better have a pretty fast camera!

Not bad for an impromptu photo session with two messy kiddos! Right? Kind of wish I had them all dressed up cute. Guess this is more representative of real life!

The Sony A7 RII is a mirrorless camera that uses interchangeable lenses, just like a DSLR. It’s got a full-frame 42 megapixel sensor and shoots 4K video in a small, mirrorless body.  It is quite a bit smaller than my Canon 5D Mark IV.

In fact, when I first held it, it felt like a small toy camera compared to my Canon!  But…after holding it for several hours and messing around with it, I can see why may people prefer this style to a giant DSLR!

So my initial impression is that I’m going to like this camera.  That’s too bad!  I’m always sort of hoping to not like new cameras that I’m testing out, because then I don’t have to figure out how to afford one.  I’m not saying I’ll ever be getting rid of Midnight, my Canon 5D Mark IV, but it would be fun to have one of these little cameras to carry around with me.

Guess I’ll be cleaning out my camera closet this weekend, so I can find some things to sell – – I think I’m going to need one of these Sony mirrorless cameras.  Or…maybe I’ll just wait for the Sony A9!  Hmmm…now that’s an idea!  Until next time…

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