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February 23, 2017 – My First Senior Photoshoot with Logan

When my sister called me up and asked me to take some senior pictures of her daughter, Logan, I thought “What fun.  I’d love to take some pictures of Logan.”  But what I didn’t know, is that there is a lot to consider before jumping in to something like this.  I had never taken “senior photos” before for anyone, so I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant.  She said she just wanted a few good shots of Logan that she could frame.

Easy enough, right?  Well, the more I read about Senior Photo Shoots online, the more I realized I had not prepared properly for this.  I had so much fun with Logan – she’s so beautiful, and the camera loves her, so that part was easy.  Knowing how to pose her, and where to pose her, well…that wasn’t as easy.  Read all about my experience, and what I would change for next time in my article on my blog titled My First Senior Photoshoot…and the Lessons I Learned!  

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