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A friend of mine asked me to take some headshots for him for an article he was having published, and I wanted to try using a black backdrop.  I see professional profile pictures like this all the time, and I thought this would be the perfect time to try this.  I had shot using a white backdrop before, but I was just goofing around with my kids.  I wasn’t taking someone else’s headshot.  There’s a bit more pressure there.  I quickly set up the black backdrop, and recruited my kids to be my models!  It was fun, and the pictures turned out pretty good.

For this I used my LimoStudio Photo Studio set up.  It is a wonderful set up that I use in my garage from time to time.  I used it recently to take headshots for a friend, and of course I had my children as my test subjects to make sure it was going to work out.  I had done this once before with them, but I had used a white backdrop.  I had never used a black backdrop before, so I was curious about how the photos would look.  I thought they turned out pretty good.  And the headshots I took for my friend were perfect!

You can read all about backdrops in my blog post titled Photo Backdrops…Why You Might Want One.  I highly recommend this LimoStudio set up.  They have several you can choose from depending on what you are shooting.


Surprisingly, I was even able to get my son to strike a few poses for me and my backdrop!

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