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March 2017

A day in Bethany Lakes Park in March with Zach.  What fun!  Morgan had gone down to see Daddy’s office, so it was just the two of us.  I really wanted to get out on this beautiful day, so I convinced him to grab a loaf of bread, and head over to Bethany  Lakes Park with me.

Bethany Lakes Park is one of the local parks near my house.  It’s a wonderful place.  Often times, it is crowded with families and kids playing on the playground, but today for some reason, it was relatively quiet.  The ducks and gees were hungry, so I was able to get lots of great photos.

Like all good photographers, I took the picture, and then I asked him if he was alright! He was not happy with me, as I had just told him that these Snow Geese were pretty tame! Oops…

Including the one above of a goose just after he had tried to take a piece of bread from Zach’s hand, but had grabbed his fingers instead!  Ouch!  Look at Zach’s face.  But even funnier is the look on the goose’s face!

If you are in the area, this is a great place to go for a family picnic, birding, or just to hang out and enjoy some nature right here in the middle of Allen!


They also have a great playground area. Zach had fun on the swings!

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